Pretlove's commitment to you

Pretlove's storage warehouse

You may receive alternative quotations for removal or storage services which include the offer to arrange insurance on your goods.

We have chosen not to sell insurance, and are able to offer a greater commitment to you.

We have considered how you would like us to deal with your move. We believe that:

  • You would want us to carry out your removal/storage in accordance with the service specification that we agree with you.

  • You would want us to look after your household goods and effects properly, and treat them as if they were our own property.

  • You would want us to accept responsibility in the unlikely event that we lose or damage your goods.

And that's exactly what we will do - accept responsibility

Removers who offer to sell you insurance must be regulated to do so, and they have to channel some of their resources into being compliant with the rules of regulation.

They normally accept very limited liability under their contract. Rather than accept responsibility themselves, they prefer to sell you insurance.

Frequently, the insurance that they offer is subject to an excess, which means typically that YOU pay the first £25 or £50 of any claim.

We do things differently - we accept responsibility under our contract

Clause 4 of our contract clearly sets out our responsibility to you, and Clause 11 sets out the restrictions and conditions of our liability commitment.

We will look after your goods to the very best of our ability. Unfortunately, accidents do occasionally happen, but if we damage or lose any of your goods, then we will be responsible.

And if your claim is justified and reasonable, you will receive 100% of it, with no excess deducted from the settlement.

Naturally, there have to be some conditions and exclusions which restricts our commitment to you. There are some types of goods which we will not carry, and for which we cannot accept liability. And there are some circumstances which we cannot accept liability for.

What you need to do

In order for us to accept responsibility under our standard liability commitment, you must tell us the value of your goods. We cannot be expected to accept responsibility if we don't know what the value is.

If you don't give us a valuation on the acceptance form, our liability will default to limited liability under clause 9.2.

If you need to claim

In the unlikely event that you need to claim against us, you should notify us as soon as possible, and definitely within 7 days of delivery.

If we can't deal with your claim personally, we have nominated REMOVAL CLAIMS SERVICE to deal with it on our behalf. They have vast experience in dealing with claims, and will deal with you fairly and speedily.

Cooling-off period

As a consumer, you have certain rights to cancel this contract with us if the agreement between us has been finalised in a particular way. If we have agreed the contract for removals away from our own premises (for example, at your house) or over the telephone or by email (without having been to your house first), you have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days. This is known as a cooling-off period. However, if you want to schedule the removals date within the 14-day period, you would need to forego this cooling-off period. If the above exception is applicable to this removal, we will highlight this to you, and ask you to tick the box on the 'acceptance of quotation' form to confirm your request to have the removal carried out within the 14-day period.